Black virgin bite

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Featured photo material is taken as a quote and redy mades substance which expresses this installation. It includes a room of at least 20 m2 in the base, with the developed sculptural form of a toy (doll proportion is 110 cm, height - aligned with the proportions of the observed girl model) in the foreground, which has a marked trail of a bite (as a result of a process that we attend on photography - billboard). By emphasis on human proportions of toy is realized the identification of observer by the aspect of automatization with the presented process. Whiteness of doll, its symbolism and presented effects indicate on the old, and in the modern world almost forgotten rituals. This art effect installs the memory of an observer at similar experienced moments in our growing up process. For the illumination of the room a neon light in the background of the billboard is foreseen (simulated street lighting of shop windows and neon commercial). By indicating the symbol of childhood is possible to achieve a collective empathy of the audience in an archaic manner, which resembles the name of this installation. By the open readings in terms of the association this work fully corresponds with themes used by organizations such as UNICEF in their program campaigns dedicated to protecting children and their rights, which indirectly activates an additional area of ​​our repressed memories and emotions.

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