Egg without tail

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Spatial art-installation (homage to Leonardo) 1997.   

This kind of homage to Leonardo is dedicated to a specific topic of childhood and is conceived as the setting of ambient installation consisted of two interconnected rooms. The first is filled with reproductions of Leonardo's work in the natural size. By systematic analysis of portraits and details of equipment the original exhibits, the concept of these settings is trying, as close as possible, to express the quality of replication of the original. In the other room (dimensions and ceiling height functional only for children) there are drawings devoted to childhood for each of his few models. Middle part of the room is centered by the cradle in which is laid the black opal egg (the cradle and bandages are red) with the background symbolizing the identity of organic traces of the birth.

In this room, the materialization of the inner segment of interior installation solutions includes the ability to use a glass substrate, or barrisol as a visual transparent membrane that would provide a sort of act of perceiving "room in the room". On the outer wall there would be replicas of Leonardo's few preserved originals: Liza Gererdini, Cecilia Galerani etc. Their backs would be covered by works from the aforementioned cycle, which for each of displayed replicas show the status of the model in the years of his early childhood. It should be noted that the newly created picture fully utilizes our impression of the body posture and wardrobe appearance that shows the original, confirming our reflexing impression of the relocation period in which visual concept and content of this work persuades us as spectators.