Face of the baby colossus

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Most of these works (around 200) are dedicated to the preparatory sketches for sculptures and installations of sculptural practices applicable in the framework of activating certain urban spaces. The most important work in this series is certainly the colossal mask of a child, whose height is over 30 meters, planned for the area of the ​​Central Park in NYC. The material for this installation should be a waste of metal residues of weapons, after its destruction and deactivation. Conceived as an urban spatial structure of colossal dimensions it represents the quote of research project representing the Baby colossus. Concrete work of the mask of the Baby colossus aims to initiate these ideas in urban space through its setting in the form of kinetic sculptural installation, recognizable into the future as an aspect of new and current reading of the old world wonders. Parts of mask are movable and they react with the presence of the smallest wind in the area of ​​ park. Besides mentioned, this installation provides a special part of equipment which will provide settlement of local birds in certain layers of the installation, which represents an integral part of the concept.