The most intimate landscape of childhood

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Presented photo material was created as a documented trail of performance that tracks and defines our first understanding of shape and space of anatomy of the mother's body. Research that preceded this project showed me that the newborn seen mother's body as a kind of landscape space in which we organize and coordinate our first movements and their spatial needs. Development concept of this performance implies making colossal spatial sculpture / installation (about 14 m - presumed body height pregnant of woman whose figure is exhibited), which is proportional to the relation of body during the birth with the body of mother (in the framework ratio of 1:7). Such installation would simulate the circumstances of our recollection and would be of a material such as silicon, etc., in order to simulate tactility of contacts achieved by the map of our first spatial experiences. The audience could touch and meditatively observe the above-mentioned spatial sculptural installation from some of its parts, which will be indicated by separate light fields. The site of mentioned fields will be determined by an analysis of those zones on the body of mother that a newborn unwittingly takes as ergonomic and energy-relevant sites for his holiday and experience of life.