Anatomy of crazy horse

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Installation-tryptih A:L:K "The Anatomy of Mad Horse"

Temporal relations of past and future are, by its essence, mainly equally far away from us, if we treat them in a way that is steadily present in the context of the Western civilization. Visual plane in which are anatomical drawings of horse symmetrically presented, shows a hermetic illustration of reflection of the future that finds a great amount of material for its creation depicting a physiognomy of the past.

Displayed virtual anatomies of the horse's carcass in this paper are an important indicator of the impossibility of true perception of things, both in past and future, regardless of the way we are trying to precise them. For this reason I chose a form of a visual rebus that directly reads out the name of the Indian chief - Crazy Horse, leaving a certain semantic aspects of their hidden meaning unreadable to anyone who approaches the work with the retinal perception, without recognizing the deeper contextual and spiritual plans which he owns. This work was presented in 2005, at the Traditional Annual Exhibition of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro (AFAM) in Podgorica, in the dimension of 4,5m x 2,7m in order to achieve compatibility with the real dimensions of the horse in nature.